Money Smart Woman Workshops

Join a group of like minded women for a guided field trip through how money works, how our minds deal with money and how our misconceptions hold us back from making smart decisions about money.

Learn if you have fallen victim to the common false beliefs that sabotage women’s ability to get wealthy and stay wealthy. 

Let me share my investment experience with you and teach you what you need to know about money, investments and wealth – so you can immediately begin to use the practical tools you will get at the workshop.

Propel yourself powerfully forward with new found confidence.

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"The best workshop I’ve ever attended – you changed my life in just the first couple of hours." Annemaree Jensen

"You offer money magic and mindset miracles to women of the world" Jay Crisp Crow

"Totally best value for your money and time" Neesha Hanna

"The course is worth every cent - Christina has a fun way of explaining the dull topics" Monica Sacroug

"You have been an inspiration and you truly have empowered me to take control of more than just my finances!" Elizabeth Oldcorn 

"You will have a light bulb moment and free yourself form limitations behind financial goals you didn’t know you had!" Hayley Watson 

"Enjoyable and refreshingly understandable and uncomplicated" Neesha Hanna

"Absolutely worthwhile! The content of the workshop is invaluable"  Tanya Maxwell

"Brilliant. Fun. Clear. Worth it. Just do it!" Julie Baker

"Definitely worth it! Teaches how to look inside yourself to become wealthy" Dene Gray

"This workshop taps into the personal junk that prevents us from taking action. Fantastic" - Erin McKay

"It will change the way you think about wealth creation. A different, personable approach" - Miriam Krouzecky

"Invest the time in yourself! You can learn to make money work for yourself, even if you have to start really small." Abi Farina

"Do it! Opens your eyes up to all different possibilities to become wealthy" - Jaye Lange

"Attend and let your financial wealth soar" - Vanessa Vaughan

"Encourage - will give an understanding of why you are in the place that you are financially" - Kim Savins

"These courses helped me understand what’s holding me back - and how to move forward" - Angela Bennett