Speaking             Women and Money Talks

I love speaking about all things women, money, mindset and personal effectiveness for groups and organisations.  

Change the lives of women in your business, community, industry association, membership group or conference by hosting a workshop or talk.

Discover how an easily understood Women and Money workshop or talk can instantly involve your participants.

Specifically tailored for your audience, these programs are designed to fast track women on to their path to financial security.

You can easily make a difference quickly and easily by simply booking one of the programs below or contact me to discuss how I can tailor a program for you.

I am available  for speaking engagements, radio or telephone interviews, television and other media appearances.  


Call Katie on 08-9443-1940  or Private Message Me HERE

Suggested Audiences

Organizations and groups



Corporate events

Lunch and learns

Training seminars



Listed below are just a few topics that might be of interest . You can also download a list of topics and workshops by clicking here. 

Content of my talks and workshops can easily be customised to suit your audience's needs.

 A selection of Talk Topics   (to suit 15 – 60 minute time slots)

A selection of Workshops

Let’s get into the trenches of Money (3 Hours)

Financial Fitness for Women - Become a Financially Confident Woman (3 hours)

Property – So many tips and traps that you need to know (1.5 Hours)

Life After Divorce – the New Balance (1 Hour)

Creating a powerful Wealth Mindset (1.5 Hours)

Financial Planning Unravelled (1.5 hours)

Debt in Focus (1 Hour)

Successful investing – getting it right (1.5 Hours)

Take your Super out of the too hard basket (1 Hour)

Shares – understanding how powerful they can be (1.5 Hours)

Risk – Does it meaning losing your money or outliving your capital? (1 Hour)

Cash flow – the secret weapon of wealth acceleration (1.5 Hours)