Why You Need to Talk about Money (Even if It’s Uncomfortable)

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Why You Need to Talk about Money (Even if It’s Uncomfortable)

Money isn’t a conversation that happens naturally between most people. This is typically true whether it’s you and your child, your spouse, another family member, or a friend. It’s an embarrassing topic for many people because this is what we learned from the time we were girls. It’s a cultural thing. But tiptoeing around the uncomfortable topic isn’t going to get you ahead when it comes right down to it.

Getting the Right Help for YOU

Only by talking about any financial worries, debts, and frustrations can you begin to get over these hurdles. Why? It’s like with almost anything else in your life – if you don’t talk about what you need, then how will you be able to get what you desire and need?

For example, only by being open with your husband about what you are looking for in a house to buy together can you begin to find that dream house that has everything you both want in it. So, only by talking about your current monetary situation with your partner will you be able to reach the future goals you want to achieve together.

Helping OTHERS in the Process

Plus, when you open up and talk about your personal monetary situations, then you encourage others to do so too. It’s a social process, really. Let’s say you discuss with your best friend how you were able to balance your household budget so that you paid off debt. This might prompt your gal pal, who is in the red herself, to ask you how you did so. You’re helping someone else!

A Feeling of Inclusiveness

Another reason to talk about finances more openly, even if it makes you uncomfortable at first, is because it helps you and those around you to see that no one is perfect. By discussing insecurities or other issues related to money, you will see that others start to nod and that they too have worries. You’re not the only one to have financial obstacles, and this becomes clear when the topic is no longer a conversation taboo.

Moving Forward

The more you talk about something, the more comfortable it becomes to discuss it. Do so more, and it will feel icky or crass less and less. Come and meet me for a women’s financial discovery session or join the Money Smart Woman Closed Facebook Group, and you’ll see that money is a topic that empowers women rather than one to stick in a dark corner. Instead, talking about money actually helps you and those around you.

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