Understanding How Money Beliefs Relate to Money Behaviour

Monday, November 14, 2016

Understanding How Money Beliefs Relate to Money Behaviour

“Behaviours can never go beyond your beliefs.”

When I heard this quote from Ruth Hayden, I was once again reminded why it is so important for women to understand what beliefs they hold around money. That is why I do what I do. For years I have seen women fail or not even engage with money and it always comes back to the same denominator. Your beliefs are what puts your actions or inactions into motion; you act according to your views on things around you and about you. You live your deep seated beliefs. I’ve seen this time and again with the women I coach.

The Link Between Behaviours & Beliefs

I took Ruth’s brilliant quote a step further. According to Ruth’s logic, it means that,

“Therefore, good money behaviour presupposes good money beliefs.”

Yes, that’s a Christina Cabrera quote ;)

According to this principle, if you have a healthy attitude toward your finances then you will demonstrate good money skills, budget well, and plan for a successful future. And – the opposite it true with ineffective money beliefs. Now we all know that our beliefs are predominantly molded in our childhood. Subtle messages from our parents and society lead to beliefs we hold as being “true” and will subconsciously affect how we behave. The truth is beliefs are nothing more than an acceptance that something is or exists or is true without proof or real examination. A belief can be easily changed by questioning the original assumption. As Maya Angelou said: “When you know better- you do better”

Crafting Good Money Beliefs

Your thoughts about money may be deeply enshrined in your being, but they are not set in stone. Over time you can change your beliefs and welcome new ones that shift your finances and welcome in the wealth.

Certain beliefs may be keeping a woman broke, so we definitely want to target those!

Start by taking charge of your financial education, just as you would your scholastic education. Be open to thinking in new ways about money and taking responsibility for yourself rather than blaming the outside world for your financial struggles. My Money Muse Thinking system really helps shift those gremlins that hold us back.

You can manage your money better by first changing your mindset to a more productive one. Let’s do this, ladies!

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