Is Your Comfort Zone Limiting Your Money….and Your Joy of Life?

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Is Your Comfort Zone Limiting Your Money….and Your Joy of Life?

The word “comfort” brings to mind a soft blanket, a smile, and other good things. But if you’re a female in a job that has you going on autopilot day in and day out then it may be time to switch things up. After all, you may be limiting your financial potential by working in your comfort zone only. Here’s motivation to get out of your regular work routine.

The Danger: The Monthly Salary

“What?” you ask. “You mean that getting dependable income isn’t a good thing?” No, that’s not exactly what I’m saying. Instead, when you or another woman just works for her monthly salary, she stays in her comfort zone. And when you do so, the problem is that you can forget what it’s like to really be YOU. You might stop dreaming when you only focus on your monthly salary.

That’s right – A monthly salary can be killing your dreams. You feel stuck. Complacent. You build your life on the job and can’t leave unless you get into an organization that pays you more. If this is where you’re at, and you’re feeling unfulfilled, don’t give up and cry. Instead…

Take Risks beyond the Monthly Salary

There is a lot to be said for risk-taking, ladies. While being comfortable comes with a feeling of safety, you can get ahead when you push boundaries. No, I’m not talking about leaving your job without having a new one in place that brings in a higher income. Instead, what I’m referring to is working more efficiently and even potentially bringing in a side income or side “hustle.”

“What is the point here?” you ask. My, you have good questions J The object is to care about what you’re doing in life, both personally and professionally. Pursue your dreams. Go for your passions as a fearless female. It’s not all about money, but it is about doing what you want for work to enjoy your life as much as you can!

Going for Your Passions

I suggest seeing further than your monthly paycheck. Work for more than just attaining this, and you will likely find that you’re able to come up with several financially lucrative opportunities that bring you more income AND more joy in life. Always have a side hustle too as a sort of backup strategy, so there is an income stream at all times.

Step out of your predictable workplace comfort zone and stop feeling bored or constrained. It might be that you change careers or that you volunteer outside of work. Maybe you’ll ask for a promotion within your organization. Push boundaries, pursue your passions, and embrace new financial opportunities that come your way, ladies!

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