Is Having Money Shameful ?

Monday, November 21, 2016

Is Having Money Shameful?

Have you ever tried to talk to a friend or family member about money? This scenario could have gone a few ways, including:

* The person you approach refuses to talk about money

* The person you approach participates in the conversation but is obviously uncomfortable

* You don’t approach anyone due to personal discomfort

If this sounds familiar, you are not alone. Money is a shameful secret for many adults and is right up there with sex when it comes to taboo topics of conversation.

Why Shame? Why Now?

Given the economic framework around us today, we see the gap widening even more between the wealthy and the poor. As a result, the people with money are embarrassed by it, and the people without money are jealous of those who have it.

And it’s not just women who have money shame, by the way. It’s men too – it’s everyone. No matter who you are, how you look, or whether you’re a billionaire or a minimum-wage earner. Sometimes this shame is veiled, but it can come out in statements like these:

* I used to be good with money. I’m not sure what happened!

* I’m not that great with money.

* I feel anxious making money-related decisions.

So, what is the Solution?

Firstly, let’s stop and think if we were educated about money as girls or stopped to think about our feelings toward money. Probably not. Now, we need to give ourselves permission to learn about money and support one another to take money from taboo to something we can talk about in conversations.

Let’s work on personal growth, reframing old beliefs, and keep exploring our money relationship. It’ll start with baby steps, but you’ll get there.

I can help you to figure out the path to get beyond money shame.

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