Instead of Calling It Money, Let's Call It Freedom

Wednesday, December 13, 2017


Instead of Calling It Money, Let’s Call It Freedom

When an emergency comes up – and it will, at some point – you may have to dig deep into your bank account to come up with the necessary solution. And if you don’t have the funds to cover it, this a very stressful position. You’ll likely regret the money spent on extravagant dresses and those lavish restaurants that charge so much for only a carrot or two and a bite of chicken. You’ll likely feel trapped.

It was in a situation similar to the one I’ve just described that comedian Whitney Cummings realised she hadn’t been looking at money correctly. So, what did she do? She swapped out the word “money” for the word “freedom.”

This change in mindset made financial decisions much easier, she recently told Money magazine. To quote her, “Until that point, I didn’t know the way I managed my net worth was a reflection of my self-worth.” How she chose to spend her money would play a role in her future freedoms, security, and abilities.

Now it was easier to invest money in high-interest bank accounts rather than put it into purchases now for instant gratification. In other words, she could put “freedom” into those savings accounts to use the “freedom” later when she retired or went on a trip.

It was as though the change in wording enabled her to understand the true value of money better. And deciding how to spend or save it to make it go further suddenly made a lot more sense.

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