How The People Around You Can Influence Your Money Destiny

Monday, August 14, 2017

I recently read a great post by inspiring speaker and writer Joshua Becker, explaining the financial tips that transformed his life. As I read through the advice that he recalled being told at different points in his life by various people, it reminded me of this fact:

The people around us can affect our financial situation.

I mean that for the better or worse, by the way.

In Joshua Becker’s case, he was inspired by words from his financial advisor, his boss, a friend, his parents, a book he read… You get the point. He was influenced by those who were around him.

Choose Your Network Wisely

If you want to better yourself financially, then it makes sense to surround yourself with those who are doing well in this area. A financial mentor, yep that would be me, can help you make wiser money choices as this is exactly where my experience and educational background rests. I practice what I teach in my personal financial life too, by the way. I am currently on a self-imposed "buy no new cloths" budget.

Then there’s friends and family. True, you can’t pick your family, but if they’re doling out advice that’s led you down a bad financial path before or you’ve seen their supposedly wise words backfire for the recipient then you would be wise to check in with a money coach before taking the suggested action.

The reality is that being around people who have higher incomes than you or working with a budgeting pro can help you rise to become more like them. Their good habits can rub off on you.

As for reading financial books, which helped Joshua Becker, I have recommended that point before and will do so again now. Keep self-educating with resources available, whether it be this blog or a book by a financial expert. Empower yourself, ladies!

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