Do You Fear Financial Freedom? Here are the 3 Signs

Sunday, August 06, 2017

Do You Fear Financial Freedom? Here are the 3 Signs

Fear can be keeping you back, whether it is in regards to money or any other part of life. As a woman, it is up to you to act in a way that is in your best interests. Here are three signs that you fear financial freedom, which is keeping you from being and having more.

1.You Think Being Wealthy is Bad.

This assumption is false, ladies! The opposite is true. Wealth is a key part of life fulfillment because it enables you to have the money to pursue your dreams and avoid monetary stress.

2.You Worry You’re Not Good Enough for Wealth.

So not true! When you attain wealth, recognize that you will still need to work on growing as a person. Just because a woman is wealthy does not mean that she is perfect. Learn how to bring value to the world in return for the wealth you have received.

3.You Settle for Less.

Do you avoid asking for a raise or charge less than you are worth in your job? Many women do so because they fear financial freedom. But you have to believe in yourself and demand your worth or no one will do it for you. Develop your employment skill set and work toward a higher pay grade so you can contribute more money to a retirement fund, paying off loans, or an emergency fund. Same applies if you are running your own business.  Stand in your worth.

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