Discomfort Can Be A Good Thing When It Comes To Money

Monday, August 15, 2016

Discomfort Can Be A Good Thing, At Least When It Comes to Money

Typically, women (and men) do not think of discomfort as being a positive experience. You don’t usually say “Hey, that experience was tough the whole time, and I like that.”

But the truth is that you cannot experience the feelings of financial stability if you do not risk and endure pain.

“Discomfort” can refer to fear, anxiety, resistance, and other reactions that we normally have to new experiences.

Investing is a key example. If you are to have success with investments, you must be willing to have some worry and uncomfortable feelings.

You must be able to sacrifice when you put money into a savings plan, for example. IF you can endure the hardship, then you will be successful. Only by giving up money in your life now to invest it in a nest egg for your future will you reach your goal.

When things get tough, look at the long-term happiness you will gain later. You will have enough money saved for retirement to be able to go on trips, pay off your mortgage, and more. By tolerating the discomfort now, you can enjoy a solid financial footing later, which makes for a better quality of life for you and the people you care about most.

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