Creating A Love Affair Between You and Money

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Creating A Love Affair between You And Money

If money is a source of stress, guilt, and worry for you, why not change the way you think about it? Here’s the reality, you’re going to have to deal with money every day on this planet in some way, so you may as well have a feel-good relationship with it.

Ladies, have a love affair with money!

Yes, you can. It means putting aside the thoughts that money is scary, which has probably been ingrained in you since you were a young girl. But put that thought aside and hear me out.

Developing a loving sensation for money starts with valuing yourself. If you don’t value your own lovely self, then you’re probably not going to receive value from the world around you.

Next, pay loving attention to the money you have. Track your expenses, make practical investments, and form a saving plan that makes sense for your lifestyle. When you care about what you own, then the world will be kinder to you.

The final step to creating a love affair between you and money is to give value to the world. This value can be represented by creativity, innovative products, services that help businesses, and more.

If you follow all of these steps, you will receive more value, which turns into additional money. It really is a loving approach that works.

Now, I have to ask: Money can sure be sexy, ladies, can’t it?

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