Chasing the Wrong Things: Success is the Means Not the End

Monday, October 03, 2016

Chasing the Wrong Thing: Success is the Means Not the End

Success is not what most women envision it to be. It is not about the end but instead is the journey to get there. If you are seeking success by increasing your wealth, you are going about it all wrong, my friend.

Wealth Does Not Equal Success

In other words, simply because you are wealthy does not mean you will be successful. True, there is nothing wrong with a woman wanting a huge home or new car. But it is important to realize that accumulating a lot of stuff will not make you a success.

Instead, the most important measure of success is how you create wealth, not the wealth itself. Billionaires will tell you this point themselves. Focus on the means, rather than the end, and wealth will come about as a by-product rather than being the end point.

Tips of Wealthy People

The riches of life are in how you behave day to day toward others. It is the means, not the end, which I cannot say enough times. By giving to others and helping others on the journey, that is the key. When you focus on the doing, that is when you will find the richness of life.

While the path you will take is not the easiest one, you will know it when it is the right one.

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