Can Budgets Be Sexy

Monday, September 12, 2016

Can Budgets Be Sexy?

If you have never thought about putting sexy in the same sentence as personal finance, now is the time to start. Yes, budgets can be as sexy as Brad Pitt, and let me tell you why:

Sexiness is knowing the value of money.

It’s the way you use your money that is attractive. And that involves a budget.

Why Use a Budget?

A budget will give you a confident look, walk, and view on life, ladies. And confidence is VERY eye-catching. With a budget, you always know how much you have in the bank and what you can afford to spend, based on how much money is coming in from your job and other channels.

Plus, when you budget, you know where you’re going at all times as you move toward your goal. By managing your expenses and income, you will know when you are on track and when you need to get back to making better financial decisions.

Others Look Sexier Too

In addition to you looking sexy to others because you budget successfully, you will also begin to see potential partners differently. Men who are humble and balanced with a house almost paid off in full and money accumulating interest in the bank will likely be much more appealing to you than the guys with the flashy cars and mansions.

What an interesting relationship you can have with money and significant others… Especially when your definition of sexy includes knowing how to budget properly.

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