Beer Is Like Money : Here's How

Monday, October 24, 2016

Beer is Like Money: Here’s How

Ah, there’s nothing quite like a cold brew. It’s a simple truth. But the connection between beer and money, well, that’s not quite so clear... Or is it?

The answer is “yes,” at least if you ask Jim Collins, the author of The Simple Path to Wealth. He explains in this interesting book that beer is similar to the stock market.

The Stock Market & A Mug Of Beer

Follow with me here. If you have poured a few beers, then you already know that if you pour the beverage slowly, then you will have less foam on top. Dispense it quickly instead though, and you will wind up with more foam than beer, which isn’t a good thing.

Huh? Okay, let me explain. This same issue happens with the stock market. In the analogy, beer is the part of the stock market you can own a portion of. The foam is the traded stocks that fluctuate in price from one moment to the next.

When you watch the prices go up and down over the hour, day, and week, it’s not always easy to know if this change is due to the beer or the foam. In other words, the fluctuations may pertain to a company’s value, or it may be totally unrelated to its value.

When it Comes to Your Money

Savoring a chilled beer may not coincide with the stock market though if you find investing to be stressful, as many women do. If the concepts of stocks intrigue but also overwhelm you, I can help you manage a stock portfolio that you can be proud of, as well as strengthening your financial skills around stock ownership. Give me a call and let’s get started!


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