Are Your Beliefs about Money Limiting Your Happiness?

Monday, September 26, 2016

Are Your Beliefs about Money Limiting Your Happiness?

If you are having trouble with money management, where you know what you should be doing to save money but find it impossible to do? If so, the disconnect for you and many other women likely stems from your beliefs about finances and is keeping you from being totally happy in life.

You Have Two Minds

These two minds are the subconscious and the conscious. The conscious mind tells you what you should do, including creating a rainy day fund and cutting back on spending. You have a subconscious mind too, which stores your beliefs about money.

These beliefs were formed when you were a little girl and may not have changed since then if you have not examined them as an adult. This means that if you are looking at investing money for retirement, you are doing so from a kid’s viewpoint!

Changing Limiting Beliefs

The good news is that you and every other woman can change limiting beliefs about money. It all starts with realizing you have disagreeable beliefs. Once you understand this, you can work to improve the situation, especially with a money coach as a guide.

The next steps, which I can help you, though, are to question your beliefs, replace them with healthier, more helpful ones, and then practice putting the new belief into action in financial situations. I will be there to cheer you on and support you in anxious times as you make decisions about money from a happier and more informed perspective.

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