3 Surprising Ways You Waste Money

Monday, October 10, 2016

3 Surprising Ways You Waste Money

Wasting money? Say it isn’t so! Unfortunately, many women are wasting money every day, and you might be one of them. Luckily just making a few changes can help put a stop to this slow leak.

Money-Waster #1: Not Paying Bills On Time

You know what I mean. That “oops” moment when you realize you forgot to pay a bill by the due date and now have to pay fees on top of the amount owing. Set up payments automatically through the service provider or your bank so you never miss paying a bill on time again.

Money-Waster #2: Procrastinating

Ahhh that old chestnut keeps popping up everywhere and has a surprising effect on your money as well.

So how does procrastinating waste you money? Don’t buy into the idea of waiting for “last minute” deals on plane tickets or hotels. They actually don’t happen as often as you think and you usually can do far better by researching and planning ahead. Same goes for paying for “stuff” you don’t use because you are procrastinating. Ummm – unused gym memberships come to mind.

Money-Waster #3: Overbuying Groceries

While good deals at the supermarket are tempting, when it comes to food you would be best not to buy more than you and your family can eat before the expiration dates. People throw out spoiled food every day, and that amounts to tossing your money into the garbage. Latest research suggest that we throw out $1,036 of edible food per year. I know what I would rather do with $1,000. Try sticking to buying what you can reasonably eat so that no food goes to waste.

Rather than being a woman who wastes her money, be smart about your money. After all, you work hard for your paycheck and deserve to get the most out of your earnings!


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