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There is nothing more life defining than unexpectedly needing direction and feeling unhappy about the advice you are given.

Wouldn’t you agree?

That is exactly how I felt when I needed financial advice many years ago. By the time I found the answers, I was qualified to give the advice myself!

That overwhelming feeling of not understanding my financial choices when I most needed support is reflected in the way I conduct my business. Today I offer my clients exactly what I wanted for myself - to make educated choices and smart decisions about money.

As an active investor since 1985, I have direct personal experience investing in a wide range of assets from commercial and residential property, to Australian and International shares, managed funds, gold and more.

And yes, I am proof that women can be successful in a very male dominated world.

What got me started you ask?

I married young. We could afford very little and paying the bills was a big accomplishment. Then my father died leaving his money mess to my sisters and me to sort out. None of us knew how to manage money, let alone deal with investments.

“Don’t know how to deal with this. This stuff scares me. I feel stupid. I could lose it all” were the whispers that kept me up at night.

So began my journey with money. The learning curve was steep.

Then came the 1987 Stock Market Crash - “Baptism by Fire”.

I did not know that a crash can slice your money in half. Well it wasn’t all mine – it belonged to a whole lot of beneficiaries that my dad wanted to leave little gifts too. Now everyone had to adjust to having much less. That is when I realised I need to get my head into gear and learn about money.

By the time the 1994 Bond Crash came along I had upskilled and had become a Certified Financial Planner. My “Baptism by Fire” helped me give clarity and guidance to clients. I had arrived at a place where I was ready and able to look into the future with a calm knowing and anticipation of good things to come.

Why do I only work with women now?

In the 28+ years of working in a male dominated world of money and finance, I noticed that women approach money differently than men. An insight that only a woman can have.

Women truly are from Venus and Men are from Mars

You see, from my own experiences and having advised and listened to women about their concerns, I realized that for women building wealth is as much a game of the mind as it is understanding how money works. It is about understanding what we do with it, how we feel about it and how we treat it – and ultimately who we are.

It became clear to me that money mindset training has to go hand in hand with money training.

If the little voice whispering in our head is blocking us from confidently moving forward to achieve true abundance for ourselves, something has to be done.

In my search for answers of why we seem to have more challenges with money; I retrained myself - layering up my skills as a mindset coach by studying how our mind works.

So you are in good hands– I have walked the walk

As a woman, I have seen it all and I have experienced most of what women experience sometime in their lives. Our life is not straight forward, is it? I have lived through the gauntlet of emotions that come with the changing circumstances of our lives. The joy, the grief, the frustration. I can see it from every angle - from being happily married for 25 years and then losing my husband to terminal illness; from having survived relationship break ups and now happily single.

Life is complex, but it also is deliciously wonderful.

Why is that good for you? 

My purpose is to show women how to use their own strength and innate knowledge to get themselves on the right financial path. Because, you already have all the resources you need.

I am well equipped to aid you.

As a Mindset Coach (Master NLP practitioner), as well as Certified Financial Planner (the highest designation offered by the Financial Planning Association of Australia), I am qualified in the two key areas that can magnify your chance at being successful in every way -

Your “Money Mindset” and your “Money Knowledge”


I love supporting women make educated choices and smart decisions on the path to redefining their own “True Wealth”.

It is a true privilege to watch women transform their money fears into effortless wealth.

If I can guide you along the path to help you unlock your own unique Wisdom of Wealth so that you can propel yourself powerfully forward on your journey to true wealth and money success, then I feel I have fulfilled my calling.


The “Wisdom of Wealth” comes from mastering the mechanics of your mind and your money

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