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Women need to be considered in a different way when giving advice

Women are from Venus and Men are from Mars – it is true – and especially so when it comes to money. 

I know because I am a woman.

Through years of advising experience within my own practice, I have discovered that women process information differently and often shut down during the financial planning process if it is not managed properly. This can result in the loss of a prospect or client before you even can get started to help create financial security and wealth for your clients.

Money Smart Woman conversations convert women who genuinely want to get into the process of empowering themselves in the space of money and wealth. 

I have found that around 30 – 40% of the women who have attended my workshops not only take action to consult an advisor, they want to do it as soon as possible and to take rapid action based on the advice they receive. They want a professional, considered approach that puts them and the needs of those they love at the forefront. They want to be a part of the conversation.

Common complaints from women about advisers include feelings of insignificance, being talked at rather than having a conversation. They want to be listened to, really understood and heard. They want to matter. They hate being dismissed and assumptions made about their financial situation and wether they have “enough” to invest. They complain about being ignored if they attend sessions with male partners and many have shared examples of derogatory statements made to them that really are quite sexist and discriminatory.

The reality is that this is a growing market.

More and more women are paying attention to the media and the truth being shared about their potential future if they don’t take control of their money and wealth. They don’t want to be poor and struggling as they age. They want to start now, no matter how old they currently are. They want to be educated and given the chance to ask questions without fear of being seen to be stupid or silly. They will take action. They are motivated and ready.

If you can genuinely see an opportunity to work with more female clients then I’d love to talk to you and your team.

There are a range of specific approaches we can implement that will help you as an advisor to actually connect with great clients, and set you up to keep them for life.

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