Are you thriving or just surviving?
Do you feel confused or stressed about money?
Do you worry that you might not have enough to be financially secure?

I’ve been in your shoes

Tossing and turning at night – I was worrying. For a long time I felt stuck around money. Little voices in my head whispered “This money stuff scares me. I don’t know how deal with this. I feel stupid.
What if I get it wrong and lose it all?”

The weight of these nagging thoughts was debilitating.

Then, when I was given unsatisfactory advice, I was so angry that I swapped my Commerce Degree for a Financial Planning Degree. My personal journey with getting my head around money started in 1985 when I was asked to put my big girl pants on and step up to the plate.   ( You can read the full story here)

Now with 25 years of advising and investing behind me, I look into the future with a calm knowing and anticipation of good things to come. 

Women truly are from Venus and Men are from Mars, especially when it comes to Money

You see, from my own experiences and having advised and listened to women about their concerns, I realised that while women are making good money they don’t feel confident around money.

For women building wealth is as much a game of the mind as it is understanding how money works. It is about understanding what we do with it, how we feel about it and how we treat it – and ultimately it is about who we are.

Women are good at surviving – we do it like troopers. However, those skills and behaviours alone will not translate into being able to effortlessly create wealth and freedom.

To really start thriving financially you must unlock the Wisdom of Wealth

You are in good hands – I have walked the walk  - and now work with Women only

As a woman, I have seen it all and I have experienced most of what women experience sometime in their lives.

Our life is not straight forward, is it?

I have lived through the gauntlet of emotions that come with the changing circumstances of our lives. I can see it from every angle. The joy, the grief, the frustration, from being happily married for 25 years, being a widow, having survived relationship break ups and now being happily single.

I love working with women from all walks of life to feel better about their money. It is such a privilege to watch women unlock their Wisdom of Wealth and transform their money fears into effortless wealth.

The Wisdom of Wealth is not just about investing or money - it’s about YOU.

Your money success is like a combination lock

Getting one key to fit is just the beginning.
When all the right keys fit in the correct sequence, good things happen!

There are two halves of the lock combination,
the Money Mindset and the Money Knowledge.

Step in to your own Wisdom of Wealth

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